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Annuities & IRAs

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For over two centuries, annuities have provided a means to accumulate tax-deferred funds for retirement, offering the option of a guaranteed income for life or a specific period. These financial products, including IRA, Roth IRA, Education IRA, and traditional annuities, offer distinct advantages over bank CDs, such as tax deferral, probate avoidance, and optional guaranteed income. Reasons to invest in annuities include tax-deferred growth, principal and interest guarantees with lower risk than the stock market, wealth creation for heirs, probate avoidance, increased death benefit, stock market-linked gains without downside risk, designated inheritance funds, and a desire for limited annual liquidity.

Annuities vary based on underlying investment nature (fixed, variable, equity-indexed), primary purpose (accumulation or payout), payout commitment (fixed period, fixed amount, or lifetime), tax status (qualified or non-qualified), and premium payment arrangement (single or flexible premium). IRA options, popular for tax-deductible investments and tax-deferred interest, involve contributions with potential income tax deductions, tax-free accumulation, and taxable distributions, subject to penalties if withdrawn before age 59 1/2.

The Roth IRA, established in 1998, offers tax-free earnings upon withdrawal, early distribution penalty avoidance, and no mandatory minimum distributions after age 70½, though contributions lack a deduction. Education IRAs allow $500 annual contributions, tax-free growth, and preferential tax treatment for authorized education expenses, but have restrictions on contributors, yearly contributions, and qualifying expenses.

Traditional annuities, akin to CDs, provide tax-deferred investment income until withdrawal, without limits on principal amounts. Fixed annuities assure a minimum interest rate and benefit, focusing on principal safety and stable returns. Equity Indexed Annuities guarantee a minimum interest rate or returns from a stock market index, offering potential higher returns with the security of a guaranteed minimum. Annuities also allow immediate or deferred payouts, with immediate annuities converting a lump sum into regular income and deferred annuities deferring income taxes until withdrawal, without contribution limits, and providing a death benefit.

Annuities offer diverse features catering to various financial goals, making them versatile tools for retirement planning and wealth management. Our agents at G.M. Insurance Center take the time to thoroughly explain your financial options and work with you to design a plan that fits your unique financial picture.  Contact us to begin planning.

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