Collector Car Insurance

Protection for Your Classic, Vintage and Collector Cars Off and On the Road

Collector car insurance, also known as classic car insurance, is a specialized type of insurance coverage designed for vintage, classic, and collector vehicles. These policies are tailored to meet the unique needs of owners of valuable and well-maintained cars that are often used for exhibitions, car shows, or occasional pleasure drives rather than daily commuting.

Collector car insurance typically applies to vehicles that are considered collectible or classic. These may include antique cars, muscle cars, vintage trucks, exotic cars, and other types of unique or rare automobiles.

There are specific requirements and added types of coverage involved when securing a collector car insurance policy. They typically include the following:

  • Vehicle Eligibility
  • Agreed Value Coverage
  • Usage Restrictions
  • Storage Requirements
  • Specialized Coverage Restoration
  • Appraisal Requirements
  • Discounts for Safe Storage and Security Measures
  • Coverage for Spare Parts
  • Deductible Options
  • Specialized Claim Process

At G.M. Insurance Center we carefully review with you the terms and conditions of your insurance policy, including any limitations or restrictions, to ensure that your unique needs are adequately covered. We can tailor coverage to the specific requirements of your valuable and cherished vehicles.

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